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Microsoft Exchange & SQL - Email communication is critical. With Microsoft's Email server, your office can enjoy the ability to share calendars and contacts just by simply using Outlook. When it comes to experience, CBSi has the "know-to" to setup multi-site locations and distributed Exchange servers, quickly and cost effective manner. With Microsoft SQL, CBSi knows about your database and can create custom reports if you cannot get to the information you need.

Data Backup Solutions - When it comes to backing up your critical data, CBSi has solutions that will fit your needs. Whether it is an all disk back, or the typical tape back solution, CBSi delivers the comfort you need to know your backup solution will work when you need it the most. With technologies like CDP (Continuous Data Protection), your data is always backed up and accessible to restore at your finger tips.

Routers - This equipment is the core of your connection to the telephony world and the Internet. Whether it is a new firewall that needs to connect to the Internet, or a PBX that needs dial tone from digital circuit, CBSi technicians can get your equipment connected to the world.

Managed Switches - The backbone of your network. Some over look the fact that you need to have an insider look at your network to provide the tools you need to diagnose problems when it comes to your network. With managed switches, you can get the control you need and the ability to look at what's going on in your network when you need it.

Hosted Internet Services (web/email) - Is your company not large enough to have your own Web Server or Email Server? Have CBSi host these services for you. Our staff will work with you to get your company communicating with email and making a presence known on the Internet.

Remote Access - When your employees need to get into your network in a secure and easy way, then they need a remote access solution that works. Why pay for remote access solutions on a monthly basis when you can buy your own. RIO will be quick and the solution is based on standard technology that is proven.

Hardware (server/workstation) - We can provide custom tailored computer solutions that fit your business needs. Whether it is a high powered workstation, or a server that needs to have lots of storage and reliability, CBSi will find the best solution that will not break the bank.

Firewall Management/Reporting - Do you know where your employees have been going on the Internet? Do you know who has been downloading the most in your office? Now you can know what your employees are doing with the Internet. Reporting is easy and understandable with charts that management loves to see.