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Firewalls - Ever lose any sleep at night thinking about whether your network is protected? Does your firewall stop threats before they enter your network? Get protected with our line of Unified Threat Management line of firewalls. These firewalls protect you against Viruses, Spyware, and Intrusions that can get into your network.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) - This is a general term that applies to firewall protection. This usually encompasses three major components of protection. The first you are probably familiar with, Antivirus. Not too long ago, a virus would go through your firewall and hopefully be stopped by some server/workstation level of protection. That means the virus has already made it on your network. Today UTM technology stop the virus at the point of entry, your firewall. This same technology can stop unwanted programs, spyware, from getting to your computer. Intrusion Prevention/Detection is the last element usually discussed in UTM. Intrusions can be people trying to hack your website, email server, etc. A UTM enabled firewall can detect such attacks and stop them before they even happen and alert you what's going on.

Email Security - Tired of spam? Aren't we all? There a several spam firewalls that we offer, covering a "low end/low cost" solution, to a more reliable solution, all the way to 100% no spam solution. CBSi professions will work with you to determine which product is right for you. Ask a CBSi sales representative today!

Network Antivirus - How does this differ from regular antivirus you may ask? Network Antivirus is a special antivirus that the firewall can check to make sure that your PC is up to date with virus definitions, and if it is not, then the firewall will not allow that PC on the Internet. This way of handling antivirus programs in a network greatly reduces the IT overhead of managing all the computers and periodically checking to see if ALL the computers are up to date. Piece of mind, simplicity, and full control for your antivirus needs.

Two-Factor Authentication - You write down all your passwords in one place, don't you? Do your employees do the same? With two-factor authentication, you don't have to worry about passwords that get stolen by insecurely transferred over the web because the password changed every minute.

VPN (Virtual Private Networking) - For those of you who are on the road, we salute you. The mobile workforce has grown over the years and VPN software allows your mobile workers to get back into your network securely, and to get access to your vital applications. VPN tunnels are also used to setup remote locations in case there are multiple computers that need to access company data. Which ever category your employees fit in, CBSi can get your mobile workforce connected.

Content Filtering - Have a problem with employees surfing the Internet and not getting work done? Install content filtering and have it easily managed by blocking categories that you choose where you don't want your employees to go. With all the new websites that get created daily, will not have to worry about these new sites because they will be blocked by what category they get classified.

Security Camera Monitoring/Recording - Have a need for physical security? Want to monitor your place of business while you are on vacation? With IP enabled network cameras, you can be anywhere in the world and still see into your vital operation. These cameras can also be used for recording to a server for a central managed security solution.