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Wireless Controllers - How do you separate the sheep from the goats? With a wireless controller of course. This device can separate your guest users from your employees and be able to provide access control of who gets to go where on your network. That way, you know your guests are not able to access any important company resources.

Access Points/Bridges - Need to setup another office across the parking lot, or across town? When it comes to providing a wireless back haul or just wireless connectivity in the office, CBSi can bridge the gap when it comes to wireless.

Wireless Mesh Networks - Creating a distributed wireless network can be daunting task, but with a wireless mesh network, you can distribute your wireless network without wires. Typically if you want another access point to provide wireless coverage for your laptops, you run a cable from your wired network to that location, and plug in a access point. But what happens when that location is a city street, or a park, or a field. Are you going to run wires everywhere? Certainly not. With a wireless mesh network, there is no need to run network cables to the next access point. Think of it as a wirelessly distributed wireless network.